Some of our happy customers
from around Australia.

“You have the ability to work through issues and come up with solutions. You communicate well and show flexibility.”

John Watts, Director, GP
Alstonville Medical Centre, Alstonville, Australia

“For us Complete IT Management and Support offers a convenient, friendly, affordable local solution to the full range of our computer needs, from installation to maintenance to issues arising. Complete IT supplies an accessible essential service in this digital age.”

Tom Gordon, former Pharmacist & Franchisee
Priceline, Lismore, Australia

“… you know your work very, very well and you are pleasant and easy to deal with. You also show up or call when needed and the way you went to the Gold Coast and had some 4G units ready for our company when the NBN was down was outstanding, that means a lot to me.”

Peter Morrissey, General Manager
Plant Extracts Pty Ltd, Ballina, Australia

“What we do love and appreciate – your calm presence, the speed with which you attend to all queries and issues (your responsiveness) and your ability to partner with the business – i.e. the flexibility to give options rather than 1 set answer and come to a customised solution to suit our operations and quirks, rather than a standard ‘plug and play’ approach.”

Hannah Flanagan, CFO
Auguste The Label Pty Ltd, Byron Bay, Australia

“Prompt support. Easy going, calm approach. Knowledge of our internal IT systems and hardware. Adaptive approach and always looking to provoke a positive outcome.”

Anonymous. CFO

“I think the most important thing to me is that you respond very quickly and are always polite. You know what you are talking about and fix the issue very quickly. If the issue is not as straight forward or needs more information you will first tell us you need further time to resolve the issue instead of being silent or giving excuses. You’re honest. I think the best way to descirbe your business is it’s extremely personal if needed but can expand to cover the entire company very quickly. You ask questions of everyone to see how they are personally and if their computer system is working efficiently and to their expectations. You will never leave until the issue is sorted which is the best thing about IT services. I am truly proud to be a customer of yours.”

Ross MacDougald, CEO
Biologi Pty Ltd, Ballina Australia

“We appreciate your ready availability and prompt attendance to solve problems whenever they occur, your expertise in being able to fix every issue we have had in a timely way, your ability to procure hardware, your remote monitoring of our network, your knowledge of our particular idiosyncrasies of our systems and flexibility in dealing with this.”

Tony Lembke, Director, GP
Alstonville Clinic, Alstonville, Australia


“Let’s face it! Most of our businesses are totally dependent on our computer systems… And many of us are probably self taught and as a consequence there’s a lot we don’t know about these essential tools of our business.

What we really need is a company that dissent just look upon us as a mother point of income, but recognises the innate responsibility that comes with looking after the IT of a business.

What’s really needed is absolute integrity, and this is the incredibly rare commodity that Dean Pirera and his business offers.

You can be absolutely sure that you are in the best of hands when you engage, as I have for many years with Complete IT to handle your website, online and computer business.”

Chris James, CEO
Sounds Wonderful, Macleans Ridges, Australia