Complete IT Phones

Complete Phone IT Solutions

Complete IT Phones provide Business Phone Systems to suit any sized organisation. At you fingers will be options to work from home, a range of premium numbers as well as 1300/1800 numbers, virtual mobile numbers, hot desking, conferencing, SMS messaging, Fax to email and much more. Simplify your IT management and trim excessive waste with consolidated systems.

Modernise & simplify your Business Phones

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Comprehensive, Flexible & Cost-Effective & Business Phones

Complete IT Phones provides a full suite of business telephony services which include the following.

  • Work from Home

    Flexible remote work options

  • SMS Messaging

    SMS via E-mail/PC/Mac

  • Multi-Site Hosted PBX

    One PBX, Multiple Sites

  • Conferencing

    Multi-participant calling

  • Hot Desking

    Login from any phone